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Producer - Caitlin Pierce

Editor - Ben Montoya


Train Town Band Members:

Seth Armstrong - Song Writer, Vocals, Guitar

Jerry McNulty - Steel Guitar

Dru Bengsston - Bass

Music Producer - David Beck


2020 Podcast Fellows,

Stonybrook University Manhattan



WHAT A TRIP! My fun and frivolous NY podcast took a serious turn to LOCKDOWN on a farm and artist residency in deeply rural Kingsbury, TX as the world suddenly came to a grinding halt because of a worldwide pandemic and quarantine. Standing in the center of this sleepy railroad town, you'd never know it's less than an hour from the bustling cities of Austin & San Antonio, but this hidden gem has an amazing diversity of creative and unique characters who are artists of a different nature.

Habitable Spaces has always been an inspiration to me as it evolved from just a dream of Alison and Shane when we were roommates in Brooklyn that materialized when they made the leap and moved to family land in 2012. 8 years later, they oversee a non-profit artist residency and farm that has become a launch pad and connector for community, and an incubator for creative minds worldwide. This city boy never envisioned being so excited by mulch or manure, and who knew curds and whey were a real thing? Recent worldwide lockdown has made self-sufficiency in our communities more crucial than ever. People are realizing how fragile our systems are and how much of them we have been taking for granted. Shane and Alison decided a long time ago that the system wasn’t working for them, and they decided to live outside of it. Habitable Spaces is a center for arts and agriculture. In a nutshell, they teach farmers how to make art and artists how to farm. 

I’m learning LOTS and will introduce you to some of the artists, ideas and methods of sustainability and mindfulness that they use in their daily lives. Alter your perspective and ignite your curiosity tripping with friends at Habitable Spaces Farm & Artist Residency…


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