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TRIPP BASSETT is a trailblazing connoisseur of travel, hospitality, small business, events, art and design and an aficionado of compelling conversation. Juggling multiple careers with a highly social component, Tripp has interconnected with artists, collaborators, entrepreneurs, influencers and other distinct personalities from all walks of life. The result? A veritable network of fascinating, fun and knowledgeable people ready to share their stories.


It’s said that iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another. Tripp knows this better than most; when he mingles with those in his network, he receives as much extensive insight of a wide variety of disciplines as he imparts.  He can discuss and report on just about any topic with alacrity and confidence; it’s a skill he stands eager and ready to leverage for the benefit of any discussion of which he becomes a part.


In 2007, Tripp added his own entrepreneurial spirit to America’s ‘small business revolution’ with two initiatives of his own. He started Tripp Bassett Design as a web designer and brand creator; and he founded then sold Barn on the Pond, a barn – style vacation rental home and event venue… both in Saugerties, NY. 


In 2011, Tripp was welcomed as a web and small business consultant for Habitable Spaces, a nonprofit sustainable farm and artist residency near Austin, TX. He lends his expertise to further Habitable Spaces’ honorable efforts, and he converses with its artists, farmers and local characters while he does it. The experiences and tales they all share around the dinner table at the end of each day are remarkable and assuredly worth listening to.


Tripp possesses excellent communication skills that make it easy for him to relate with people regardless of background. Inspired by people/clients who recognized his potential and extraordinary tendency to offer an outstanding entertaining show if given a microphone, Tripp ventures into podcasting as the host of “Tripping with Tripp.” He is set to share Tripp the Life Fantastic and take you on a journey of excellent times with fascinating people who will be sharing their experience and expertise in different fields.

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