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In the words of the Grateful Dead, what a loooong, strange trip it's been. As a middle-aged gay man, single for the most part, I've worked in a variety of careers and I've been fortunate to have lived in some of the most exciting cities in the United States. Through my experiences, I have met some fun, fabulous and fascinating people along the way. People in media, hospitality, art, design...FARMING? Yes, farming! The list goes on. The journeys continue. With this podcast, I will introduce you to artists, collaborators, entrepreneurs, influencers and unique personalities from all walks of life.

I've decided to give you a brief timeline of where I've been and how I got here to Texas, followed by a fabulous interview by a former co-host of the podcast I had begun on the East Coast, but had to shelve due to covid and quarantine here in Texas. The podcast was called TrippnLarry and my co-host's name was Larie Pigeon of Instagram account @HudsonValleyHappenings. She has such a hand on the pulse of the Hudson Valley, and after our interview, I turned off the recorder and she said, "You know what? I've been wanting to get into podcasting for a long time and I know through what you've done in the Hudson Valley and what I've done, we could really pull in a lot of very unique, interesting, fascinating people. Would you be interested in the possibility of co-hosting a podcast with me?" Of course, I jumped on the opportunity.

We had a great chemistry and the few interviews we did do were so much fun. All of our guests involved said, gosh, that was just the greatest time and you have the funnest chemistry and we just can't wait to see what's going to happen. Unfortunately, that had to come to an end when I came to Texas in quarantine and transitioned to my podcast from the East Coast to Texas. This interview will give you a great idea of who I am and everything that happened before I got to Texas.

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