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The Amazing History of Kingsbury City with Mayor Shirley Nolen

Kingsbury has a vast history, yet it’s still a newly incorporated town. Becoming independent from the surrounding bigger city’s extra jurisdiction was a desire of nearly the entire community and Kingsbury. By a near landslide, the community voted to become incorporated in May of 2015. Included in this historic decision was the larger city council’s election, led by all women, including Mayor Shirley and habitable spaces director Alison Heinemeier.

Kingsbury has an amazing history that shouldn't be missed. The city got its name from a German with a British name. In this episode, I’m excited to host Mayor Shirley Nolen, who will be sharing the history of the City of Kingsbury, its past as a train town and how her family immigrated here. The Mayor will also help us understand what goes into starting a city, how to run a city, why you should visit Kingsbury and what the future holds for Kingsbury.

Listen in to this episode for a fantastic Central Texas history lesson!

Key Talking Points of the Episode:

[04:58] What’s the future of Kingsbury?

[06:11] Changes that the people of Kingsbury are resisting and what is Mayor Shirley doing about the changes

[07:31] Kingsbury as a tourist attraction and how Shirley is making it a better place

[11:05] The fall harvest festival

[13:14] How the Farmers market came to existence

[14:45] The incorporation of Kingsbury and the role that Shirley played

[18:26] What inspired Shirley and the community to fight for the incorporation of Kingsbury?

[21:01] Shirley as the Mayor of Kingsbury

[25:12] Tips for anyone who might be starting a city

[30:22] The growth of Kingsbury

Standout Quote from the Episode:

“The future of Kingsbury is very much what the people here want it to be and most people here, live here because either they’ve done it for generations or they got here as soon as they could.”

Find out more about the Amazing City of Kingsbury Texas

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