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The Multi-talented Beto Rincón

Dance! Music! Performance! ¡Teatro! Today we talk about Ballet Folklorico (folkloric dance). Our guest is the multi-talented Beto Rincón who is a chef, farmer, artist, teacher, and folkloric dancer working at Teatro (nonprofit culture arts organization) in Seguin, Texas. While teaching in Pittsburgh, PA, he met a student who would eventually be a volunteer farmer at Habitable Spaces farm and artist residency.

Beto’s involvement with Teatro dates back to when he started dancing folkloric dance at the age of four. His mother also played Mariachi guitar while he was in the womb, the reason he was born with the rhythm that made him a drummer. Currently, he is the Artistic Director of this non-profit organization that focuses on providing a better understanding of the Mexican-American people through the promotion and practice of arts.

Since then, Beto has been a member of some of Teatro’s award-winning groups, a dance intern, instructor, and now works as Ballet Folklorico (folkloric dance) Artistic Director with Teatro, whose mission is to provide a better understanding of the Mexican-American people through the promotion and practice of arts.

He has also participated in Teatro’s Agroecology and Artist in Education programs where he has taught Mexican-American culture through performing Ballet Folklorico and lectures. Beto also shares his culinary and food passion, a skill he mastered since he was 15, passed down to him from his grandmother who taught boys how to cook because she didn’t have any girls.

Meet Beto Rincón, Ballet Folklorico Artistic Director!

In this episode, Beto talks about his dancing journey, passion for farming and culinary, and teaching the Ballet Folklorico dance to the youth of Seguin.

Listen and learn from this inspiring episode!

Key Talking Points of the Episode:

[00:04] Introduction and background information about Beto Rincon

[04:49] Beto‘s dancing journey and the source of artists

[07:49] How Beto end up in Pittsburgh and specializing in food studies

[12:32] Experience teaching Spanish classes for the first time

[15:06] Knowing more about Teatro

[16:30] Teatro mission and dancing programs

[18:39] How Beto combines his culinary skills with everything else

[21:04] Beto gets a new teaching job during Covid

[25:44] Starting an outlet project

[33:25] Understanding the three sisters planting method

[35:57] Beto’s most rewarding passions

[39:45] Things kids learn about the history of the culture

[43:42] Beto’s favorite dancing and costume styles

[46:19] Beto’s future plans

Standout Quotes from the Episode:

“Part of my origin story is that my mother was playing mariachi guitar when I was in her stomach. I was born with rhythm because of that I became a drummer.”

“The longevity of an organization is very reliant upon accounting. You have a vision, but you also need an accountant.”

“Most people don't realize the damage done when you are planting something strictly for profit and not so much on the longevity of your soil.”

Connect with Our Guest:

Que Bonito Project


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