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Tripping for the first time in parallel online universes with our first simulcast viewable on Youtube and Facebook! In this episode, we talk about imagination, dream spaces, and utopia schools. Our guest is former Habitable Spaces Artist in Residence, Jaime “Idea” Iglehart. Jaime is a multimedia artist, teacher, professor of visual narrative at the City University of New York who made serval film shorts on alternative living situations and curated Summer Solstice Film Fest while living on the farm and will be coming back to recreate a Utopia School at this year’s Fall Harvest. We explore Jaime's work, the dream spaces, and the line between imagination transitioning to building concrete worlds. We also talk about her social and experimental projects involving play. We also discuss her works in a variety of disciplines and Jaime’s educational platforms that democratize learning such as free schools.

Stay tuned to learn more about utopian fantasy, dream interpretation, personal iconography and utopian concept.

Key Talking Points of the Episode:

[00:05] Introduction and background information about Jaime Idea

[03:44] Jaime’s childhood

[06:30] Starting the creative journey and joining Flux factory

[14:13] Jaime’s thoughts on the capitalism ideology replacement

[17:37] Three guidelines to creating resilient community social spaces

[21:25] JJaime’s experience living in multiple and different places

[22:56] Favorite place where Jaime would love to go back to

[25:43] Jaime talks about the bodega project and what inspired her to create it

[29:03] Understanding the Media Design in the digital age class

[31:57] Jaime’s journey in the filmmaking industry

[34:12] Key points from Carl Jung analysis and the individuation idea

[36:47] Conceptualizing the utopia schools and current achievements

[41:41] Lessons Jaime has learned from the utopian schools she has sponsored: Utopian success stories

[45:53] Jaime’s definition of success

Standout Quotes from the Episode:

“All of my projects are experiments and I learned about myself through those experiments.”

“Each person has a blossoming to undergo in their lifetime to become more fully themselves. Dreams are the key to helping us to blossom into our true self.”

“I feel success is when I see people meet at the school and start a project, or years later still collaborating, or stays behind at the place that hosted us.”

Connect with Our Guest:

Jaime “Idea” Iglehart


IG: newagebeverages

IG: utopiaschool

Ukranian Artist Mentions: &

Special Credits to:

Around 39:00 Jaime talks about rambling and Tripp says, "Ramble on its a talk show" and forgot where it came from. That brilliantly funny joke was from Real Time With Bill Maher Season 19, Episode 15. All hail Bill Maher!🤟😂

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