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Christina Lee Shane was one of the first volunteer farmers and is an operations consultant and project manager working in diverse fields from software and social media to farm to table businesses. Christina has volunteered as an Outreach Coordinator at Habitable Spaces since 2012 and at WWOOF (Worldwide Opportunities On Organic Farms). In early 2020, she represented the “Yang Gang” and volunteered on the trail for Andrew Yang’s presidential campaign, where she met many friends and acquaintances she has stayed in touch with since.

In this episode, we chat about our chance meetings under disco balls, her journey and political experiences, working as a volunteer, how the pandemic has revealed our system's vulnerabilities and so much more.

Topics Discussed in this episode

[5:36] Iowa Canvasser

[10:04]Why people should vote

[14:54] What she is doing currently

[18:48] Her Start with Habitable Spaces

[24:58] Andrew Gang’s policies

[32:47] Farming and Art

[53;26] How others can volunteer

[55:50] Advice to those who want to get involved with politics

Iowa Canvasser

Christina’s decision to go to Iowa as her birthday present made her participate in politics in a level she had never done before. After learning a lot during the 30 days, she reveals that people have been disconnected from civic engagement and that politics needs to be in our community back in the local level.

While volunteering as a canvasser in Iowa, Christina and the team visited specific neighborhoods using a list generated from the campaign field office. Christina insists that it is important for people to vote since they have their voices heard and vote for the policies they believe in.

Andrew Yang’s Policies

Christina is a Yang Ganger for a good reason. Yang Gang is a group of individuals that met on Twitter and are die-hard supporters for Andrew Yang. The group promoted his policies until he dropped out of the presidential race in February 2020. (This was recorded before his announcement of his NYC mayoral run)

Christina said they would knock on doors, phone bank, text bank, and organize events on behalf of the Yang Gang and the Basic Income movement. Some of Andrew Yang’s policies included UBI, Universal Basic Income, which proposes $1000 for all Americans between 18 till death. The message is clear; Make America Think Harder (MATH) by embracing technology and promoting humanity first.

Farming Experience

Christina’s creative and analytical skills have made her an instrumental figure in Prep To Your Door and WWOOF’s growth, where she has worked. Her knowledge and experience in food sourcing, retail, and grocery operations reveal her passion for Organic Farms.

While large farms were severely affected by the Coronavirus, Christina says the local food system has thrived in Kingsbury farm. Farmers reported double and triple sales as the local communities were sent into quarantine. This was after the Kingsbury Farm Market began to serve the local community.

Advice to Those Who Want to Be Involved With Politics

Christina says you can first be educated about your candidate’s policies and what their positions are. You have to have factual data for backup. She also advises that you can volunteer in any way you can, such as canvassing, signing petitions, donations, and understanding your candidate’s policies.

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