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Traveling Experiences with First Time Visitors from the Netherlands Jerry and Sanne

In this episode, two volunteer farmers from the Netherlands, Jerry and Sanne, share the experiences they had traveling to to Cuba before arriving in New Orleans, then the farm. They'll tell us what their first impressions were and give us highlights from their stay.

When Covid-19 restrictions started, the two farmers were here in the United States. Their home country (Netherlands) restricted all flights. Jerry and Sanne got locked out of their country. After consulting with their family and friends in the Netherlands, they decided to continue exploring the US in a mobile home. One thing they knew for sure was the fact that they could always come back to Habitable Spaces and be welcome.

Key Talking Points of the Episode:

[02:01] Sanne's message to Habitable Spaces

[02:52] What is WWOOFing?

[06:03] What kind of Paraphernalia did WWOOFers take home from America?

[09:16] What was Cuba like?

[13:40] Favorite cultural enlightment in Cuba

[14:59] What was New Orleans like?

[20:20] Experience in Texas

[22:41] First impression of the farm (Habitable Spaces)

[26:30] Highlights of the Habitable Spaces Experience

[44:07] Parks that Sanne and Jerry experienced traveling across the US

[49:09] Covid situation in the Netherlands

Standout Quotes from the Episode:

"The kind of personality that expects things to go exactly as planned are going to be extremely disappointed."

"Expect the unexpected. Go on with your project, but be flexible."

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