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All Things Mushrooms & Mycelium with Ali Stone

How much do you know about mushrooms? Some of us only know mushrooms from a plate and have little to no knowledge about them. In this episode, I have the pleasure of interviewing local mycologist, farmer and teacher, Ali Stone. Ali and I will be talking about all things mushies and mycelium. Ali will tell us how the pandemic has changed the world, her utopia, and post-pan travel goals. Ali has a passion for mycology. Also, she loves teaching farming and mycology to other people.


Key Talking Points of the Episode:

[06:35] Getting to know Ali and how she came to Habitable Spaces

[08:32 How Ali joined the mycology world

[10:11] The mushroom farming community

[15:28] The Central Texas Psychological Society

[18:10] Wild Foraging and what Ali would like people to know about it

[23:41] Mushrooms and the culinary world

[27:59] Endophytic fungi and why Ali is interested in studying it

[30:37] How has the pandemic affected the world of mushrooms?

[37:12] Success stories on how the pandemic has changed people

[41:02] Interesting films that Ali has seen recently

[43:16] The Covid season

[47:19] Utopia: How would Ali change the world post the pandemic

[01:01:37] Ali's vagina monologues performances

[01:05:13] Ali's post-pandemic objectives

Standout Quotes from the Episode:

"Capitalism feeds ego and feeds individualism so I don't think it's inherent to human nature to be greedy."

"We're at a tipping point in humanity, where we have the technology to not be in survival mode anymore. We have the technology to create a utopia, and I think we should strive for that."

"The mushroom culture is expanding in a way where it is viable to sell those mushrooms that people aren't used to seeing."

"Psilocybin is not addictive. You build a tolerance to it quickly. So it's not like you can take it every day and have the same effect over time."


Central Texas Young Farmers Coalition

Central Texas Mycelium Society

WWOOF International

Austin Organic Gardeners Association

Film: Fantastic Fungi

Film: Tradd Carter Mushroom Mountain

Human Path Survivalist School

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