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Train Town: The Magic Behind The Music

Shout out to the Kingsbury, TX-based band behind the magic of the music on Season One: TRAIN TOWN. Train Town met through Habitable Spaces and Lead Vocalist, Seth Armstrong after Habitable Spaces mailed a flyer for Fall Harvest to all Kingbury residents. Then a solo artist and farmhand at a neighboring farm, Seth called to ask if he could play at the event. Since it was two weeks prior, music had already been booked, but Seth played at the after party for the vendors on the Habitable Spaces farm instead, under the old oak tree by the fire pit. The audience included future band members slide guitar player Jerry and bass guitar player Drew. Seth's wife, Rachel was serving wine brought from her family’s neighboring farm and from that happening, Train Town began, unbeknownst to the Habitable Spaces crew until later on.

Rachel grew up on the family farm started by her dad who passed the torch to her. Seth had been a farmhand and that’s how they met! Seth has to wake up very early on the weekends to sell produce from the farm at farmers markets in San Antonio and Austin and is often referred to as the Midnight Farmer. Most farmers wear different hats to make ends meet and Seth does construction through his general contracting company Armstrong Construction.

Slide Guitarist Jerry helps run the Master Gardner's Association and grows tumeric and medicinal plants. Jerry’s also a wood carver, Boy Scout leader and former military. Drew has ambitions to start a nursery.

Below is a video we shot on quarantine to benefit ¡VIVA!, a Covid benefit, shot in the new shop that Seth helped build.

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