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TrippnLarry On the Move! Season 2: Tripping with TrippnLarry

Welcome to Tripping with TrippnLarry. We’ll be doing a little catch-up and sharing our plan for the future in this episode.

Many of you have no idea that Larry and I almost had the season one together, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I ended up flying solo. We had PLANS and we were all excited about it but then the pandemic hit. The good news is S2 will be way better than what we probably would have had in season one.

When the pandemic came, and people could hardly move from one place to another due to the lockdown, Larry and I found ourselves during different things. I quarantined on the farm. On the other hand, Larry spent time with her daughter, and to kill the boredom of being indoors all day; she tried hosting Zoom parties.

How would you define your life without your child(ren) if you are a parent? For Larry, being separated from her daughter was one of the hardest things she dealt with in life. She had no life without her, and when she left, Larry had to go back to the drawing board to redefine what she wanted to do with her life. As we speak, Larry is moving around in her mobile home. The good news is, we’ll get to be recipients of Larry’s experiences on the road since she will be sharing them with us on this podcast.

In this episode, we’ll talk about a couple of things to bring you to speed with where we are now. We’ll tell you what we mean when we say that we almost had season one together, how we spent our quarantine period, Larry’s RV journey, and the plans we have for the podcast.

Listen in and have fun with us.

Key Talking Points of the Episode:

[05:13] How Larry and I almost had the season one together

[19:29] How the lockdown separated us

[22:10 Larry’s zoom parties

[25:59] How I moved from the farm

[32:00] Larry’s separation from her daughter and how she started her RV journey

[48:20] Our plans for the podcast

Magical Quote from the Episode:

“If you do something, you have to jump for the universe to get behind you fully and back something.”

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Season Summary

Welcome to season two: Tripping with TrippnLarry. This season, we’ll share our experiences from different parts of the world. Larry will share her travel

experiences in the United States. She will bring us all the cool places she’ll be visiting and the awesome people she will meet. Also, she will share RV tips and tricks.

Being a world traveler, you can be sure that I’ll bring you all the experiences

I’ll have touring the world and all the amazing people I’ll meet.

Be sure to join us every week and be ready for loads of fun, laughter, and inspiration.

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