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Check out our Season Finale for Tripping with Tripp + New Beginnings at Habitable Spaces with our new remote interview technology. This is a recap of the MANY major events that occurred from March 2020 to today (Memorial Day 2021) and how it weaves throughout our interviews.

Habitable Spaces Season One Finale Interview with Directors Alison and Shane Heinemeier

Remember Shane and Alison? They were among the first guests we had on this show B.C. (Before Covid) New Year's Eve 2020 talking possible collaborations that turned into something different entirely. I'm forever grateful to them for allowing me to quarantine at the farm and giving me an opportunity to meet so many unique, amazing, creative people.

This episode is the season finale. This Kingsbury, TX power couple join me to reminisce about how things progressed on the farm since our initial interview as lockdown happened in March of 2020. They will also be sharing future plans for the Habitable Spaces, affected by the pandemic. We'll have an opportunity to go through the good times and challenges that we've had at the farm. This is going to be an exciting episode, as we transition into the digital world of live streaming and simulcasting to various social networks. LISTEN!!!

Key Talking Points of the Episode:

[00:38] Backstory: How I met Alison and Shane and came to Habitable Spaces

[08:51] My collaboration with Habitable Spaces

[16:18]The Kingsbury Farmer's Market

[20:28] The global food system

[26:27]Alison and Shane's shop: How quarantine has changed their prioritizes

[30:51] Shane's work with prominent museums and how it is influencing how the shop space will look

[34:57] The 10th Fall Harvest event

[36:23] Robert Luna and what he does for the Habitable Spaces

[47:16] Closing thoughts

Standout Quotes from the Episode:

"When you don't know what you're doing in construction, you will build into your problems, and you will have to tear stuff out that you've done."

"It's always hard doing something that's not been done before because there's no roadmap to help you."

"We all need to care about each other in this future world. We all need to help each other make better choices when we're not thinking about the planet or community."

"Sometimes, you're going to need to lean on your neighbor. So don't piss them off too soon."

"Community extends beyond our human community. We have to also think about the animals and plants and the world we live in, and all the other creatures we share this space with because it's not just humans."

"Covid, like any good trauma, it has taught all of us that we need to love our neighbor and be together as a community and stop all the hatred. Don't be divisiveness keeps us apart while inclusiveness and community make us stronger."

"Life is a banquet, darling, and most poor fools are starving to death!"- Aunty Mame

Resources Mentioned:

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