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2020 Podcast Fellows,

Stonybrook University Manhattan


Welcome to season 2 of TWT: Tripping with TrippnLarry. Many of you have no idea that Larry and I almost had the season 1 together, but due to the Covid pandemic, I ended up flying solo. We had to shelf our plans when the pandemic happened, but the good news is this season will be much better than what we probably would have had last season.

When the pandemic came, and people could hardly move from one place to another due to the lockdown, Larry 'n I found ourselves doing different things. I quarantined on a farm and artist residency and Larry spent time with her daughter, and to kill the boredom of being indoors all day; she hosted dance parties on Zoom. 

How would you define your life without your child(ren) if you are a parent? For Larry, being separated from her daughter was one of the hardest things she's ever dealt with in life. When her daughter left for college after much reprioritization, Larry conquered her empty nest fever and went back to the drawing board to redefine what she wanted in life. As we speak, Larry is trekking around the United States in her newly converted 40 foot mobile home and Tripp has been globe-trotting and getting to know his new hometown of Austin, TX.


Join us as we discuss our travel adventures and interview the crazy characters we meet along the way!

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